Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with L

Listing of Streets in Roanoke County

To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), select the first letter of your street name. Search for the street you live on alphabetically.

Street Names A through M

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Street Names N Through Z

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If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at 540-387-6225.

Street Name
Pick-Up Day
A / B Week
La Bellevue DriveThursdayB Week
La Marre CircleThursdayA Week
La Marre DriveThursdayA Week
Laban RoadThursdayA Week
Labradore DriveThursdayB Week
Lake Back-O-Beyond DriveThursdayB Week
Lake Front DriveWednesdayA Week
Lake StreetMondayB Week
Lakedale RoadTuesdayB Week
Lakeland DriveTuesdayA Week
Lakemont DriveTuesdayA Week
Lakeview CircleWednesdayB Week
Lakeview PlaceWednesdayB Week
Lamplighter DriveWednesdayB Week
Lanasey DriveWednesdayB Week
Lancaster RoadTuesdayB Week
Lancer DriveTuesdayA Week
Landfair DriveThursdayB Week
Landmark CircleTuesdayB Week
Landview DriveTuesdayB Week
Lanewood DriveMondayA Week
Lange LaneTuesdayB Week
Langland DriveThursdayB Week
Langley LaneThursdayA Week
Lantern StreetWednesdayB Week
Lapping LaneTuesdayA Week
Lark CircleMondayB Week
Larry Guthrie DriveMondayB Week
Larson LaneMondayA Week
Larson Oaks DriveMondayA Week
Laryn LaneTuesdayA Week
Laurel CircleMondayB Week
Laurel Creek RoadTuesdayB Week
Laurel DriveMondayB Week
Laurel Glen LaneThursdayB Week
Laurel Glen RoadThursdayB Week
Laurel Hill RoadTuesdayB Week
Laurel Mountain DriveWednesdayA Week
Laurel Ridge DriveThursdayB Week
Laurel Woods DriveWednesdayA Week
Lawndale RoadMondayA Week
Lawrence LaneTuesdayB Week
Lawson LaneThursdayB Week
Lawyer DriveWednesdayA Week
Layman RoadThursdayB Week
Layne CourtWednesdayB Week
Leawood CircleTuesdayA Week
Ledgewood AvenueTuesdayA Week
Lee RoadWednesdayA Week
Leffel RoadMondayB Week
Leffler LaneTuesdayB Week
Legate DriveWednesdayB Week
Leigh LaneTuesdayA Week
Leighburn DriveThursdayA Week
Lelia CircleWednesdayA Week
Lemon LaneMondayB Week
Lenora RoadMondayA Week
Leslie LaneMondayA Week
Levi RoadTuesdayB Week
Lewis RoadMondayB Week
Lila DriveThursdayA Week
Lilac LaneWednesdayA Week
Lilly DriveTuesdayA Week
Lilly Hill RoadTuesdayB Week
Linda LaneTuesdayA Week
Lindenwood DriveThursdayB Week
Linn Cove CourtTuesdayB Week
Linn DriveWednesdayB Week
Lipps RoadTuesdayA Week
Little Bear RoadWednesdayA Week
Little Hoop RoadThursdayA Week
Little Walk RoadWednesdayB Week
Littlehorn DriveTuesdayA Week
Littleton RoadWednesdayB Week
Loblolly DriveWednesdayB Week
Loch Haven DriveThursdayA Week
Loch Haven Lake DriveThursdayA Week
Lockhart DriveMondayB Week
Locust Grove LaneWednesdayA Week
Lodi LaneTuesdayB Week
Lofton RoadMondayA Week
Lois LaneThursdayA Week
Loman DriveThursdayA Week
Lomond CircleWednesdayA Week
London CircleMondayA Week
Londonderry CourtMondayB Week
Londonderry LaneMondayB Week
Longhorn RoadTuesdayA Week
Longleaf DriveWednesdayB Week
Longridge CircleTuesdayA Week
Longridge DriveTuesdayA Week
Longview RoadTuesdayB Week
Lonna DriveWednesdayB Week
Lonsdale RoadTuesdayA Week
Lookout LaneTuesdayB Week
Lori DriveMondayB Week
Lost DriveTuesdayB Week
Lost Hollow RoadWednesdayB Week
Lost Mountain RoadTuesdayB Week
Lost View LaneTuesdayB Week
Lothar StreetWednesdayA Week
Louise CircleWednesdayA Week
Louise Wells DriveThursdayA Week
Lowland LaneTuesdayB Week
Lula AvenueThursdayA Week
Luther DriveTuesdayA Week
Luwana DriveTuesdayA Week
Lynndell RoadTuesdayA Week
Lynnson DriveTuesdayA Week

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