Flood Warning System


  • Flood Watches and Warnings - The National Weather Service will issue watches and warnings by local television and radio stations. Flood watches are only issued when conditions are right for flooding. Flood warnings are issued when flooding is occurring.
  •  The Emergency Alert System (EAS) - The EAS, formerly titled the Emergency Broadcast System, issues alerts over radio, local television stations, cable, and pay television channels. 
  • Integrated Flood Observation Warning System (IFLOWS) - IFLOWS is a system of 20 gauges around the Roanoke Valley that monitor rainfall and rising creeks. IFLOWS can provide a 1-5 hour advanced warning of serious flooding on the Roanoke River. This system is not effective for flash flooding. 
  • Government Access Channel 3 - This channel on Cox and Booth Cable systems has the capacity to interrupt all local cable television channels to broadcast emergency information.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Emergency Alert System
National Weather Service
Government Access Channel 3