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Volunteer Interest Form

  1. Please fill out the following form completely. Once we have received your completed form, a volunteer officer will call you within 72 hours to schedule a tour and visit to the station.
  2. How did you hear about volunteering with us?*
  3. Are you 16 years of age or older?*
  4. Do you have a valid Virginia Driver's License and a good driving record?*
  5. Do you have a criminal history? *
  6. Are you interested/available to volunteer during:*
  7. Indicate which Roanoke County fire and rescue station is closest to your home:*
  8. What volunteer job are you interested in?*
  9. Are you available to volunteer at least one 4-hour shift per week?*
  10. Are you able to commit to serving with Roanoke County Fire & Rescue for at least a two-year period?*
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