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3D Printing Request

  1. 3D Printing
  2. Fill out this form to request an item to be 3D printed at the library.
    Please read our full 3D Printing Services Policy before you send in designs for printing.
  3. 3D Printing Filament Colors
  4. I would like to print my item in the following color:*
  5. Fill Density
    Fill Density (also called Infill) refers to how solid the inside of a 3D object is printed. An object printed at 0% fill density will be completely hollow on the inside. It will weigh less and cost less to print, but won't be as strong. An object printed at 100% fill density will print completely solid on the inside. It will weigh more and cost more to print, but will be very strong. A good rule of thumb is to use 10% to 20% fill density for projects that don’t require much functional strength and 50% to 75% for objects requiring high strength. Keep in mind that the higher your fill density, the longer the print will take and the more material you use, increasing the cost of the print. Photo credit: Matter Hackers.
  6. Fill Densities for 3D Printing
  7. Anything we need to know about this print?
  8. By filling out this form, you are agreeing to the policy terms and to pay the cost for materials as determined according to our 3D Printing Services Policy.

    Items not picked up within 14 days after being printed become property of Roanoke County Public Library.

    Disclaimer: Neither the Library nor the County is responsible for any object created with the use of the equipment, including any harm or injury incurred as the result of the usage of the equipment.

  9. Please check each box below to acknowledge that:
  10. I have read the 3D Printing Services Policy*
  11. I understand that all items will cost $0.20 per gram*
  12. I understand that I will pay the above amount for all materials used including any aborted or flawed prints*
  13. I understand that I will need to pick up my items within 14 days of being notified it is ready*
  14. 3D Printing is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Find out more information about the Friends on our website.

  15. Have questions? Call us at 540-772-7507 or send us an email at
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