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Request to Address the Roanoke County Planning Commission

  1. I would like the Chairman of the Planning Commission to recognize me during the meeting so that I may comment.
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  3. When called to the lectern, I will give my name and address for the record. I agree to abide by the guidelines listed below:
  4. 1. Each speaker will be given three (3) minutes to comment, whether speaking as an individual or representative. The Chairman will enforce the rule unless instructed by the majority of the Planning Commissioners to do otherwise.
    2. The speaker will be limited to a presentation of his/her point of view only. Questions of clarification may be entertained by the Chairman.
    3. All comments must be directed to the Planning Commission. Debate between a recognized speaker, audience members and staff is not allowed.
    4. Both speakers and the audience will exercise courtesy at all times.
    5. Speakers are requested to leave any written statements and/or comments with the Secretary of the Planning Commission.
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