Roanoke County TRIAD

Roanoke County TRIAD

TRIADlogoThe Roanoke County TRIAD Meeting is the 1st Thursday of every month from 1:00 to 2:00 pm at Friendship Living, located at 397 Hershberger Road. 

Reducing Senior-Focused Crime

TRIAD is a cooperative effort of law enforcement agencies (police/fire/sheriffs), senior citizens, and senior organizations, focused on reducing crimes against our most vulnerable citizens: our seniors. To find out if your area has or is considering forming a Triad, contact your local sheriff or police or email the Director of Programs and Community Outreach.

Increasing Awareness

The goal of TRIAD is to reduce the fear of crime and victimization among seniors by increasing awareness of scams and frauds targeting them, strengthening communication between the law enforcement and senior communities, and educating seniors on local and state resources that are available in their community.

This goal is accomplished through the following:

  • Community collaborations
  • Marketing the TRIAD concept to non-participating localities
  • Providing a support mechanism to current local TRIAD groups
  • Speaking engagements
  • Targeted trainings for seniors and law enforcement practitioners

Virginia TRIAD Success

Today, Virginia TRIAD has also been recognized by the National Association of TRIADs, Inc. as having the highest number of active local groups nationwide and is the only state in the nation with a statewide coordinated office at the Executive Level of government.

The Virginia Triad Office can provide information and resources to Triad chapters across the Commonwealth. We can also assist you in organizing your Triad, planning ideas and programs for your seniors, and provide training opportunities for law enforcement, senior volunteers, and community groups.

TRIAD Seniors