Filing Requirement

  1. Filing fees - $31.50 for judgment amounts not exceeding $500 and $41.50 for judgment amounts of $501 and over.
  2. Sheriff services fees - $48
  3. Envelope - A stamped envelope addressed to the judgment debtor at his or her last known address.
  4. Pleadings- A fully completed Suggestion in Garnishment form. The form must have the judgment number.
  5. All Garnishments for transactions occurring after January 1, 1984, must include the judgment debtor's social security number. Transactions prior to January 1, 1984, require either the judgment debtor's social security number or a certification from Plaintiff or Plaintiff's counsel that a diligent good faith effort has been made to secure the judgment debtor's social security number.
  6. Only one garnishee (co-defendant) can be named in any one wage garnishment action.

All fees are payable to the Clerk of the Roanoke County Circuit Court.

Return Date

  • Return dates are 90 days for accounts; 180 days for wages.
  • Court Orders for payment need to be presented to the Court on the returnable date or to the Clerk's Office prior to the returnable date.