Some of the fees associated with filing a judgment are:

Judgement FilingFee
Abstract of judgment (within Virginia)$10 (no release fee)
Commonwealth Liens$0
Foreign Judgments (outside Virginia) $25
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Liens$5 (plus $5 release and revocation fee)
Roanoke County and Town of Vinton Liens$5 (no release fee)

Collecting Judgments

The Code of Virginia sets out the various methods by which to proceed to collect on judgments docketed in Circuit Court. Deputy Clerks in the Circuit Court cannot render legal advice on how to proceed to collect a debt or how a lien/judgment affects your property. Refer to the Code of Virginiaor seek legal counsel.


Roanoke County Circuit Court does not perform "searches" and will not give judgment information over the telephone. Judgments are public record, and the docketed judgment information can be obtained in the public records room on the second floor of:
Roanoke County Courthouse
305 E Main Street
Salem, VA 24153