Habitual Offenders/3rd Offense

Restoration Process

  1. Petition the Circuit court, of residency, for an evaluation to restore your driving privileges.
  2. The Circuit Court will set a court date for the Judge to issue a court order for the evaluation. Once you have obtained the court order you will need to contact the local Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP).
  3. The day of your appointment, have the names, mailing addresses, and phone numbers of four people that the office will contact as references. If you have an attorney assisting in this process, you will need to provide the name, mailing address, and phone number.

Evaluation Procedure

The petitioner should be prepared for:

  • Personal interview with ASAP staff
  • Personal interview of spouse of other family members by ASAP staff
  • Investigation into present and past employment
  • Personal interview of friends by ASAP staff
  • Verification of payment of all court costs, court fines, and judgements
  • Research of driving records
  • Research of criminal history records
  • Completion of alcohol and other drug screening and assessments
  • Alcohol or other drug testing at the time of evaluation
  • Possible referral for a clinical assessment with a licensed professional
  • Payment of the evaluation fee

Time Required to Complete Evaluation

The evaluation is an involved process which requires sufficient time to obtain all records needed. Although it may be completed within 60 days, additional time may be required to provide the court with the required information.


  • Clerks Filing Fee: $104
  • ASAP Fees (not all fees apply):
    • Evaluation: $175
    • Evaluation alcohol and drug screening

If referred:

  • ASAP service fee: $300
  • Intervention (class fee): $100
  • Monitoring drug screens: up to $25 for each test
  • Treatment Assessment: Varies depending on provider
  • Treatment Class: Varies depending on provider
  • Ignition Interlock: Varies (minimum of 6 months monitoring)
  • Monitoring over one year: $30 Per quarter

This does not include FR-44 Insurance (if needed) or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reinstatement fees.