Building Permit Fees

As of July 1, 2018, all fees collected will be subject to a 5% Technology Fee. All building and trade permits issued will be subject to a 2% State Levy Fee.

>> Use our Fee Estimator (Excel) to generate a starting estimate for your project. 

Building permit fees are based on the estimated cost of construction. For new structures, the county utilizes an in-house construction cost chart for the purpose of estimating inspection costs. If you are erecting a new structure or addition, please call the inspection office for a fee estimate. You will need to provide the anticipated use of the structure and the total area of new construction in square feet. For alteration projects, the applicant is required to provide the actual contract cost as a basis for the fees. Once the cost is determined, the following fee schedule is applied to determine the permit fee.

A minimum fee of $30 is charged for all permits and this amount will cover projects valued up to $5,000. Permit fees for projects over $5,000 are as follows (rounded up to the nearest thousand):

Estimated CostFee
$0 to $5,000$30
Over $5,000$30 plus $6 per thousand
Over $20,000$120 plus $5 per thousand
Over $100,000$520 plus $2 per thousand
Over $500,000$1,320 plus $1 per thousand
Over $1,000,000$1,820 plus $0.50 per thousand

Trade Fees

Trade permit (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.) fees for new construction are determined by applying a percentage factor to the total building cost as determined in the step above. The resulting estimated value is then applied to the following table. Trade permits for alterations and repair work are based on the actual contract amount which is then applied to the following table.

Estimated CostFee
$0 to $1,000$30
$1000.01 to $2000$40
$2000.01 to $3000$50
$3000.01 to $4,000$60
$4000.01 to $5,000$75

Trade permits for projects with a cost exceeding $5,000 shall be $75 plus $4 for each additional $1000 or fraction thereof.

Miscellaneous Fees

Cross Connection Device Inspection$40
Elevator Periodic Inspection$35
Existing Building CO$35 
Re-Inspection on Construction$50 (Applies on Third Inspection Request of Same Item)

Certificate of OccupancyFee

Amusement DevicesFee
Circular Rides or Flat Rides That Can Be  Inspected from Less Than 20 Feet Above  Ground$45
Kiddie Rides$35
All Other Types of Devices$50

Amusement device fees reduced 50 percent when a private inspector is used.

Please note the following from Section 7-18 of the Roanoke County Code: Any person who commences any work for which such permit is required prior to obtaining the permit shall pay a sum equal to twice the normal permit fee and payment thereof shall not relieve such person from prosecution for violating the building code by commencing work without the permit.


Permit Fees of $200 or less are due and payable when making application for a permit. When calculated permit fees exceed $200, the applicant is required to pay the $200 fee at the time of application. The remaining fees will be collected upon issuance of the permit.

Cancellations & Refunds

An administrative fee of 25% of the actual calculated permit fee will be withheld from any permit or application that is canceled, withdrawn or revoked before issuance of the permit or completion of the project.

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