Awards 2016

2016 Supervisor of the Year

Communications Team Supervisor (CTS) Clemson has been recognized by the Emergency Communications Center as Supervisor of the Year for the second year in a row. Recruitment and retention is critical in the ECC, and she is known for making new employees feel welcome and part of the team immediately. CTS Clemson always has an eye on the future, finding ways to recruit and retain team members, including team building exercises and creative rewards. The members of her platoon are a strong and vibrant team. She is respected by the public safety community as someone who will get the job done and has the know-how to make it happen

2016 Communications Officer of the Year

Accreditation Coordinator (AC) Martinez has guided the Center through two successful accreditations. She is adaptable and flexible with her schedule, placing the needs of the Center above her own. She continually displays her engagement in the work place, is enthusiastic about her work, and consistently adds contribution for improvement.

2016 Rookie of the Year

CO II Tyler Severa has consistently demonstrated enthusiasm and a desire to learn more about emergency communications. His positive attitude exemplifies the LEADER qualities, which Roanoke County values, including excellent, adaptable, dynamic, engaged, and respectful leaders. He is already engaged in helping newer personnel succeed.

2016 Platoon of the Year

D platoon is recognized for working together as a cohesive unit. The platoon balances a close-knit atmosphere on their shift with serving the Center as a whole. In addition, they have gone above and beyond during several unusual occurrences. The following are some highlights from 2016: January - D Platoon worked over the weekend of the winter storm, experiencing above normal call volume throughout the weekend, including a high number of weather related Fire and Rescue incidents June - D Platoon received a call for an "Officer Down", and worked together making decisions and notifications ahead of being requested to do so by responding units. 

The shift was commended by the Police Supervisor for their exemplary work during the incident. August - D Platoon handled a suspected terrorist attack in the form of a stabbing at a local apartment complex. As the incident unfolded, the employees also worked multiple pursuits, fights and domestic disturbances that generated heavy police activity and radio traffic.