Awards 2018

Current Yearly Awards911 award

We like to acknowledge people for their outstanding work at the Emergency Communications Center (ECC). All of the staff does a wonderful job but here are the Awards for our current year!

2018 Supervisor of the Year Virginia "Beth" Clemson

CTS Virginia "Beth" Clemson is an eighteen year employee of the Roanoke CounCTS award betty Emergency Communications Center. She has been recognized by the Emergency Communications Center as Supervisor of the Year for the fourth year in a row. Once again, one of Beth's major strengths mentioned is her willingness to improve her shift's team atmosphere and morale. She fosters a comradery with her shift and is continually doing activities to improve their morale. It can be as simple as planning a shift dinner or an art craft.

She also trains her platoon several times a month on various topics in an effort to keep the platoon's skills sharp. Beth assists the team as a "working supervisor" by taking phone calls, covering radios, or making outgoing calls as needed when it is busy. Evidence of this is Beth's shift (B platoon) has won the team of the year several years in a row as well.

2018 Communications Training Officer (CTO) of the Year Nikki Crush

CTO Nikki Crush is a twelve year employee of the Roanoke County Emergency Communications Center. She has had several trainees throughout 2018. She prepares their Training Manual ahead of time and adds to it as they go along. Nikki was willing to train even before she was a CTO so it is a well-deserved honor for her to be the CTO of the year. Nikki makes sure her training tasks are completed in a timely manner and her DORs are in good order.

She has filled in and worked overtime for other Crush awardshifts. She completes tasks for her CTS, i.e. completes quality assurance checks, makes seating chart assignments and performs shift training. Nikki's supervisor nominated her for this award and expressed how valuable she is to her and the platoon. She was also nominated for the 2018 VA APCO Nicholas E. Stepaniak Trainer of the Year Award. Nikki is very humble and has a wonderful work ethic.

She is so deserving of this award! CTO Nikki Crush is a role model and demonstrates professionalism and dedication to the profession. She goes out of her way to make sure that she works in a way that upholds the standards of the Roanoke County Emergency Communications Center to ensure her trainees get the best possible training experience. She often goes out of her way to make sure that her trainees are not only learning the material, but also understanding and retaining it. Like most communications training officers, CTO Crush remains calm during stressful calls and radio traffic, but is also able to keep a level head while training a new person. She is a fair and understanding trainer.

Team Player

She works well with both her supervisor and peers. She is able to take constructive criticism and change things that need to be addressed

2018 Communications Officer (CO) of the Year Logan Underwood

CTO Logan Underwood is a five year employee of the Roanoke County Emergency Communications Center. He was nominated several times during the year as a working communications officer (CO). He also received a nomination for communications training officer (CTO) from the shift supervisor. CTO Underwood was "Acting Supervisor" during the severe flooding associated with Tropical Storm Michael in October of 2018. He handled this event with an amazing calm and made sure his people were taken care of as they worked during the stressful situation.

He made notifications and acted as the liaison between police and fire command staff and the communications officers. He has a good attitude and tries to keep the room "light" when things get stressed. Logan answers many questions from his coworkers and helps them as needed. Logan is one of our strongest fire dispatchers. He has specifically been asked by the supervisor to take fire radio over during big incidents.

The documentation in his fire calls is clear and thorough. "A" Platoon is lost without him!" Logan is adaptable and flexible with his schedule, placing the needs of the Center above his own. He is engaged and always enthusiastic about his work. Logan is a true asset to our team and consistently displays the L.E.A.D.E.R. qualities of the County values.

Hebert award

2018 Rookie of the Year Sienna Hebert

COII Sienna Hebert is a one year employee of the Roanoke County Emergency Communications Center. The "Rookie of the Year" is presented to an individual who has been released on their own and has less than twenty four months of service, shows exemplary skills and initiative. Sierra is an invaluable member of "C" Platoon far beyond her time with the Emergency Communications Center. She was nominated by her platoon supervisor for the Red Cross Celebration of Heroes Dispatch Award for her handling of a distraught caller during the Tropical Storm Michael flooding in October 2018. Subsequently, she was chosen as this award's recipient.

She has worked the police and fire radios during several major calls and assists other communications officers during busy times. She has strived to build her skills and become a stronger communications officer. Sienna uses minimal sick leave and is always on time to work her scheduled twelve hour shift. Coworkers have expressed CO Hebert has a calm demeanor and it is a pleasure to work with her. Sienna has quickly become an asset to our team and it shows with the overwhelming response of nominations for her Rookie of the Year award.

2018 Platoon of the Year

Members of the Team:

CTS Beth Clemson

CTO Craig Sheets

CTO Teresa Blackwood

COII Bekah DiGregorio

COII Taylor Ralph

COII Sierra Dailey

COII Lexi Manning

It should be noted that the experience on "B" Platoon ranges from 1 year to 18 years and the platoon has won the monthly teamwork award 5 times during 2018. Nominated for their expletory display of teamwork, "B" Platoon is certainly deserving of the award. The platoon has handled an array of calls as a team over the course of the year, from structure fires, the Arnold R Burton incident, multiple maydays and several pursuit calls. Several members of "B" Platoon responded to help out "A" platoon during the Tropical Storm Michael Flooding. "B" Platoon consistently works together as a team, always welcoming a new communications officer to the group. "B" Platoon certainly displays the L.E.A.D.E.R. qualities of the County valuesMundy award

2018 Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Award Alex Mundy

Any Communications Officer may be selected annually, except Communications Team Supervisors, Communications Training Officers, and Quality Assurance Evaluators. COII Mundy recorded the fewest EMD errors during 2018.

2018 Call Taker Available Award Sienna Hebert

At the end of thirteen schedules, the Communications Officer with the highest total available time for the year will receive an award. Communications Officer available time is calculated by adding "Personal Break Time" (up to thirteen hours), "Ready", and "On Call" times. Each schedule, the Communications Officer with the most available time will be recognized with the certificate. The "Personal Break Time", Ready, and On Call times for the top four Communications Officers will be posted in the ECC as well. This information will assist individual Communications Officers in tracking their progress toward earning the annual Call Taker Available award.

COII Hebert is the recipient of this 2018 award