Awards 2019

We like to acknowledge people for their outstanding work at the Emergency Communications Center (ECC). All of the staff does a wonderful job but here are the Awards for our current year!

2019 Supervisor of the Year - Roy Davis 

2019 Communications Training Officer (CTO) of the Year- Monica Bond

2019 Communications Officer (CO) of the Year- Logan Spencer

2019 Rookie of the Year- Harley Seabolt 

2019 Platoon of the Year- D Platoon

Members of the Team:

  • CTS- Erica Stone
  • CTO- Nikki Crush
  • COII- Angela Simpson-Parker
  • COII- Brandon Smith
  • COII-Lisa Charles
  • COII-Ashley Carr
  • COII-Chelsie Reed

2019 Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Award- Alex Mundy

2019 Call Taker Available Award- Sienna Hebert

2019 Red Cross Celebration of Heroes 9-1-1 Dispatch Award- B Platoon

Members of the Team:

  • CTS- Beth Clemson
  • CTO- Teresa Blackwood
  • CTO- Craig Sheets
  • COII- Taylor Ralph
  • COII- Bekah DiGregorio 
  • COII- Lexi Manning
  • COII- Koty Thompson
  • COII- Becca Campbell
  • COII- Derrik Runyon