Officers of the Court Remote Access (OCRA)


Officers of the Court Remote Access (OCRA) is for officers of the court (attorneys) and any authorized agent of such attorneys - as well as certain other approved personnel - to access Roanoke County Circuit Court files electronically.

Accessing Files

To access these files online via "OCRA", you must submit an OCRA Application (PDF)and OCRA Agreement (PDF)for approval by the Roanoke County Circuit Clerk along with the appropriate fee of $120 per year.

For Government entities, please use the OCRA application (PDF) for Government entities.

Upon approval of your application our office will assign to you a log in and password. Unless you renew your subscription, the login and password will automatically terminate on the expiration date. (Please note that an OCRA password cannot be used simultaneously on multiple computers.) You may contact us for more information at 540-387-6211 or 540-387-6208.